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New Fitness Class – “SWEAT”

Our goal at Level Up Fitness is to help you get fit. In order to help you get fit, we offer fitness coaching and nutrition coaching. 

In 2015 our fitness services started out as just CrossFit. In the Fall of 2018 we added Personal Training as an additional service.

CrossFit and Personal Training aren’t for everyone, but fitness should be. That’s why we’re excited to offer a new class option for you…


SWEAT is the ultimate in high energy, fast-paced conditioning training. It’s a 45-minute class. It’s fast. And it’s sweaty. Workouts will last anywhere from 10-20 minutes and always incorporate simple, yet potent movements. SWEAT combines bodyweight, rowing-biking-running, and simple weight lifting movements for each workout.

If you want daily cardio, aerobic capacity, and fast paced training, SWEAT is your jam.

Each class will include the following flow: warm-up, teaching, workout, and a cool down that focuses on mobility, core strength, or parasympathetic breathing.

Starting Monday January 6th, SWEAT will be offered Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 845am – 930am!

The SWEAT class has it’s own membership of 12 classes per month for only $119!*

Want to drop in or bring a friend to check it out? Only $15 drop-ins! 

What makes this membership so awesome is that there is no pre-requisite to join. You and your friends can literally start on opening day January 6th and begin to forge your path to amazing fitness!

We’re going to cap this class at the first 20 members and a class like this is sure to blow up! Do don’t delay and reserve your spot today! Email Haven at to set up your payment method and reserve your spot! 

Grab your friends and let’s go! Give the gift of fitness this year by signing up a loved one, friend, or co-worker! Or forward this to someone who may be interested!

Cheers to you all as we Level Up always in all ways!
-Team Level Up Fitness

*Current Level Up Fitness members can access this class with your current membership. 
*SWEAT members looking to access our CrossFit classes would need to complete our On-Ramp first and then choose between one of our CrossFit memberships. 


2 Rounds of…
10 slam ball deadlifts
20 toe taps to slam ball 
10 slam ball ground to overhead
20 alternating plank shoulder taps
5 slam ball “dip and drive”
5 slam ball push press
20 alternating lunges

AMRAP x 8:00 (as many rounds as possible)
15 slam balls
10 slam ball push press

-rest 2:00-

AMRAP x 8:00
20 alternating slam ball lunges
20 slam ball russian twists

5:00 of Parasympathetic Breathing – lay on the floor face up with your lower legs elevated and resting on a bench. Breathe slowly through your nose and out through your mouth. 

TEACHING the Slam Ball Push Press
1. “Dip” – elbows forward, vertical torso, ball gently resting on chest
2. “Drive” – use the legs to push the ground away, push the knees back and squeeze the glutes, ending with the legs extended
3. “Dip, Drive, Press” – finish the drive with a powerful overhead press keeping the ribs tacked down towards your hips, your glutes squeezed, and your shoulders actively pressing to the ceiling. 

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